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Good Communicator 

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I have experienced the time constraints that small to medium business owners have to work around, the time to perform the good customer follow-up needed to win the quotes they are sending out. I understand the guilt at not having followed up, the anxiety as to when I can get it done. I also know that more work is won by those who follow up and build the relationship with the prospective customer. For me, speaking and truly listening to people are second nature, and I enjoy, and am good at, building rapport and relationship with people, especially over the phone. 

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Let us help you win quotes and build relationships with your prospective customers.

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We ensure prospective customers received your quote and will keep contact until an outcome.

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If a quote is unsuccesful we'll find out why so you can improve your next quote.

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With each quote we follow we'll be organically building and maintaining a client database

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We'll ensure you’re alerted when you need to act to win work no matter where you are.

Client Feedback

We have engaged Christine from QuoteConvert to schedule regular follow up of people whose properties we have appraised. Feedback has been positive and has resulted in us listing a $1,000,000 property in Onkaparinga Hills. Would highly recommend their service.

Gary Hennessy
Principal & Director
Hennessy Property Group 2018-10-09

Good to hear the xxxx job is still open, that we haven’t just lost it.. from the looks I can see how your scheduled check-ins would re-spark interest in quotes, or help to move things along, or perhaps give the quote provider a better insight into other provider’s quotes and values, which could mean the advantage when it comes to winning the work.

Tree Ninja 2018-07-04

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